Studio Office Space Design On a Budget – ORC Week Four

Week four is here, and I am happy to show you the progress I have made so far in the room during the last week.

If you are new here, thanks so much for checking out my Studio Office Space Design On a Budget project.  You can check my first , second post and third one related to this project if you’d like to see or get reminded what I started with when I entered the One Room Challenge event and the progress thereafter.

There were a lot of DIYs that I tackled this week and, may I say, this week was much more labour intensive than the previous week.

First, I started with altering the store bought roller shades. I found grass cloth ones in black, just the right colour I was searching for and it was a pure luck to find them in stock at the store.

However, the shades were not the size I wanted, so I had to alter them to fit the size of the window. Beside altering the size of the shades, I also added a white stripe corner detail using the leftover fabric from the shades that I did for the windows of the work room.

Ideally, I wanted a one piece shade for this window, but I wasn’t such a lucky person to find the right size so I had to take what it was available in stock. I am happy with the end result as they fit perfectly in the window and have added a moody mode to the space.

After finishing the roller shade alteration, I started with the daunting stencilling job using a sharpie. The sharpies that I was using were not of a good quality as there were no good quality ones available for purchase.

I was so scared to start and do the first little square. It took me several attempts to start and I withdrew again, because I knew that if I mess this up, at the start, than it will get really, really messy and I have to redo the room again with the paint.

At one point I just had to take my chances and START! So I did, and it is not without a lot of challenges, and some cheating along the way, that I am keeping up with applying this stencil.

My DIY stencil is really sloppy, lacking the proper cut, precision and material, so it is very difficult to line it up and keep the straight line along the way. However, I have somehow managed how to deal with the way this pattern goes, so the whole thing does not get completely out of control. I hope that I will be able to complete this task without a major failure at the end. Wish me much luck guys!

The real challenge is to finish the corners. What I am doing is this; I cut a piece from the stencil which I, based on my estimation thought would work for finishing the corners, and I keep using it for the corners and at the top and the bottom of the wall. It is working pretty muchf OK so far.

If you do not want to go through the adventures I am going through with this stencil than you may purchase the proper one at this link.

Just a small recap about the ORC event:
The One Room Challenge is a 6 week room makeover challenge for designers and bloggers In North America, all started by Linda from Call It Home blog.  There are 2 sides of this event. One side being the 20 selected designers competing for the win.  On the other side, there are hundreds guest participants like myself.  At the end of the 6 weeks, the editors of Better Homes & Gardens will select 2 guest participants to be FEATURED DESIGNERS in the 2019 Spring ORC challenge! All featured designers and most of the guest partcicipants work with various sponsors. I am not a lucky one to have a sponsor!

Now it’s time to head over to the 20 featured designers and all the guest participants to check out their week four progress at One Room Challenge!



4 thoughts on “Studio Office Space Design On a Budget – ORC Week Four

  1. Besa you are really rocking this out!! I applaud the mere fact you created your own stencil for this project and the outcome is looking fabulous!! ..i’m really excited about this makeover and can’t wait to see it all done 😁😁

    1. Ooh thank you Jamala…. I appreciate that you understand that it was a bit challanging to create this stencil, and moreover it is quite labour intensive applying it on the walls. Hopefully I would be able to wrap this up on time. Thank you so much for your support my friend!

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