Pumpkin Planter Centrepiece – DIY

It is pumpkin season my friends! Pumpkin soups, pies and cakes are lined up in my kitchen menu and I have stocked up a large amount of pumpkins in my garage. I love pumpkin and the only thing that makes me happy in fall, beside the fall colours, is the pumpkin soup.

Looking at my pumpkin “arsenal” that had flooded my garage, I wanted to make a succulent centrepiece that everyone is making these days. I used my garden succulents and some silver foliage.

The centrepiece turned out quite pretty and I am loving it.

To make this centrepiece I used a flat pumpkin and started by cutting a generous top opening and scooped out the seeds, then I spray painted it in white.

After the paint dried out, I inserted a small plastic container filled with soil and started arranging the suculents and the foliage.

This was all what I did to get this beautiful decorating piece. I continue to apply spray mist every second day to the succulents and foliage some of which are glued to the pumpkin.

To make the centrepiece last longer you may want to leave it outside on a colder weather and bring it inside when you want to decorate with it. This way you can extend the life of the pumpkin, as it starts deteriorating fast when it is in a warm place.

If you make one, please share it, I would love to see how your’s turned out.

Thank you for checking this blog.


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