Triple Berry Dessert

Sometimes the best desserts are the simplest. This easy vanilla pudding-triple berry dessert cannot get any simpler and it is supper effortless to make. It is very refreshing and eye appealing dessert so it would make a great addition to the desert table when entertaining.

I made these a week ago for my dinner party, and they really cheered up my dessert table and everyone liked them.

As you can tell, there is no specific recipe for this dessert; it basically is store bought vanilla pudding cooked according to the direction in the package topped with the mix of (my favorite) berries: strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry, drizzled with red gelatin, and garnished with whipping cream and mint leaves.
To achieve this look I used:

-Clear plastic cups (dollar store find- a pack of 10 for $1.25);
-Filled the cups with (about an inch in hight) cooked vanilla pudding, and left it to cool down completely;
-Washed, drained and tap dried each berry (very important step so you do not end up with a soggy desert);
-Sliced each strawberry lengthwise and arranged them around the sides of the cup;
-Added raspberries and blackberries in the center;
-Drizzled the berries with red gelatin (prepared according to the direction in the package);
-Garnished them each with whipped cream, a mint leave and a raspberry, and there you have it:
These cute cups with fruit added a punch of color to my dessert table, and most importantly they were soooo refreshing and everyone loved them.
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