Lamp Makeover


This weekend, my old lamp has undergone another reincarnation. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts here, this lamp has a certain sentimental value for me and I cannot threw it away, so in order to try to “fit it in” in the decor of our house, I am giving the poor lamp more reincarnations than it can take. Sorry my lovely lamp.
This time I gave my lamp a more bold and elegant look.
The silver look came partly because I had the silver spray paint “ in stock”. The shade was another item that I already had, so I was only required to come up with the idea of remodeling the shade. Well, considering that I love quick and easy projects I decided that a black 2 inch stripe around the shade’s top and the bottom edge would be quick and easy and would look nice, and it certainly did.
As seen in the collage below, I taped off the bulb insert and spray painted the lamp. After the lamp dried, using black tempera paint I stenciled a small wreath. I applied the paint over the stencil with a piece of sponge.
SPRAY paint & stenciling
To create the wreath stencil I downloaded this wreath and copied it in a piece of transparent vinyl, then using a pointed precision knife created a stencil.
For the shade remodel I used a piece of black vinyl fabric which was cut in 2 inch width stripes, and in a length to fit the perimeter of the top and bottom of the lamp. I glued the stripes to the top and the bottom of the shade using craft glue.
To create this look I did not spend a dime, and as far as the time is concerned I only spent about an hour and a half to spray paint and apply the stencil as well as for altering the shade. The time spent includes copying and cutting the stencil.
This was indeed a super quick and easy project, and the lamp ended up with an entire new look.
Do you have a lamp that needs a new look? I would love to hear from you.
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    • Always happy to save something from being thrown to the trash. Thanks for stopping by to comment and great thanks for the link party Jann.You are such a wonderful host.

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