Magnolia Leaf Wreath


The time has come to change my fall home decor and get prepared for the coming holiday season. To get into the holiday spirit, I chose my front door as a starting point for the holiday decor.

Last night I made this unique wreath reusing magnolia leaves from one of my previous projects.

I love easy and quick projects that cost $ 0.00, and this was one of them. The leaves used to create the arrangement for my fall decor were perfect fit for a lush, formal yet modern wreath I was aiming to create; so I started by dismantling the arrangement made previously.

Next, using the fallen willow tree branches in my yard I created a wreath base.

To create a rich, lush look I attached the leaf bundles about 1 inch apart in zig zag pattern. I used wire to attach the leaf bundles onto the wreath base.



Using wire, I tied a set of two white painted pine cones and attached several sets on the wreath.
These pinecones were left overs from my Tea Light Centerpiece project.

I decorated a set of pinecones with thumb tacks and placed them as a focal point.

I added some decorative pieces of silver painted decorative dry grass as well as some fresh evergreen branches, and in less than two hours I got this beautiful, lush wreath which I proudly hung on my front porch door.



Even without any additional decoration, the wreath alone instantly added a rich holiday decor look to my porch.


Now that my porch got that festive look, I am looking forward to continue with the overall decor for the coming holidays.

Have you started putting up the holiday decor yet?

Thank you for reading.

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8 thoughts on “Magnolia Leaf Wreath

  1. I have been trying my luck at a magnolia wreath.. you make it look soooo simple.. 🙂 let me get back to the drawing board…Yours is fab.. (question – have you ever used a styrofoam wreath to work with.. because that’s what I tried.)

    1. Thank you. I have never tried styrofoam wreath with magnolia leaves, but I have seen some blogers use styrofoam.However, they moslty use the glue method, so the wreath does not get this fuller look.

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