Tea Light Centerpiece


Tea lights, known as the most inexpensive candles, are incredibly beautiful when it comes to decorating tabletops and creating mood lighting and festive atmosphere at homes and celebratory areas. There are endless ways to use tea lights, which make them a very versatile decorating item.

Being as inexpensive as they are, most of us tend to have tons of them around the house. I found a box of these yesterday in my pantry (I have no idea how those ended up there) placed next to the bamboo skewers. Tea Lights and bamboo skewers hmm… “I shall create something combining these two”…and a few minutes later, after a short brainstorming for ideas, I was out in my backyard clipping some cedar branches which I intended to use for my Tea Light Centerpiece.

I started by piecing together three to four cedar clippings in a circular shape.

I placed small pieces (1 square inch) of white paper on the front center and at the back center of cedar clippings, and secured them tightly with a stapler.

This way I created a wreath like tea light holder.

To add a distinct festive look, using tacky glue, I wrapped each tea light with white ribbon.

I attached the wreath and a tea light to a bamboo skewer.

Next, I used a florist foam, a Dollar Store plastic silver look plate, pinecones previously painted in white, and 4 pounds of epsom salt to make the arrangement.

And there you go.

It turned out quite neat and nice, and it can be used mainly as a centerpiece for dinner, tea parties or simply as a decor on console tables, sofa tables or elsewhere throughout holiday season.

It is an affordable and easy to make centerpiece. Most importantly it is fun to make and, as simple as it is, it adds elegance to any sitting for this holiday season.


If you decide to make one I would love to hear how yours turned out.

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13 thoughts on “Tea Light Centerpiece

  1. This is just beautiful and such a clever idea. Gorgeous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. Lucky lady to have cedar in your yard, I use to have one at my old house. I never would have thought of making these candle displays, great way to use them.
    Hugs, Lynnie

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