Fireplace Screen Mini Makeover


Even though there is no snow and the temperature has not gone below zero as yet, evening after evening we are cozying by and enjoying the fire of our open wood burning fireplace.
As much as I was enjoying the coziness of the fire, I was pretty much disliking the dated and unattractive fireplace screen that we have.
Despite disliking it, I was not ready and willing to pay a big buck for a new one which I like, so I gave my fireplace screen a mini makeover.

I started by creating a (left and right) greek key corner template on a A4 sheet of paper. After creating the template I laid down the screen and positioned the template under the screen.
With a piece of chalk I traced the lines of the greek key onto the screen, using the template placed beneath the screen. Transferring the pattern onto the screen made it easier for stenciling.
Previously, using the mentioned template I created a stencil. I used this stencil to apply the white paint onto the screen.

After applying the paint on four corners, I used the painter’s tape to create a line for joining the greek key corners. After taping off the line, I applied the paint and immediately removed the tape.
And that was it.

In less than an hour, I had an updated fireplace screen which I instantly started liking.
These simple corners in white acrylic paint added an interesting detail and modern touch to a fairly dated fireplace screen.

Now I am fully enjoying the fireplace as well as the coziness of the fire coming through the screen which underwent a quick and successful makeover.

Is your fireplace screen in need of a makeover? If so, perhaps you may consider updating it using this or similar design!
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33 thoughts on “Fireplace Screen Mini Makeover

  1. Aren’t you the clever one! With such a minor change you have created a whole new look. I look forward to seeing you in my WP reader and learning more of what you do.

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment, and for following it in WP reader. I checked yours and you have got a great blog, which is now in my WP reader too for good reads and inspiration.

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