Ideas for Customizing Ready Made Drapery Panels

Beside addressing the privacy issues and blocking the sunlight, drapes and curtains also ad warmth and style to any place, be it a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or any other place which needs a “dress up”. However, having them custom made will cost you a fortune, so these days people opt for ready made drapery panels which can be bought everywhere at very affordable prices.

After purchasing ready-made curtain panels there are a number of things you can do to the panels to make them your own. By customizing and making the panels your own, you will automatically add your home a distinguished style that speaks “more you”.

In the below attached pictures I have selected some designs that I would definitely consider using for customizing ready made drapery panels.

By adding sheer fabric to the top of the ready made panel you may acheive this refined custom look.

This is an interesting design where you can use 3 different fabrics and a ribbon to acheive this attractive look.

If you already have a cornice on the window and you would like a fast and easy makeover, you may consider painting the cornice white (even if the cornice is upholstered) and add a trim on cornice and curtain panels.
The trim on the cornice may be glued while you may either stitch or glue the trim to the ready made panels.

If you happen to find lined silk drapes at affordable price, you can make them your own by adding a band at bottom of drapes.

If you buy a ready made white panels customize them by adding vertical blak ribon to them either by using two sided gluing tape (for a budged friendly approach) or for a more profesional look sew the ribon on the panel.

Ready made white roman shades which can be bought at most of big box stores may be turned into these beautiful shades loaded with classical look. To achieve this classic coastal look you may consider using deep indigo trim.

Yuo can customize and if needed lengthen your drapes by adding a trim to top & bottom, like these ones.

The white ready made curtain panels may be turned into such cute drapes by adding ribbon ties of different color and trim at the bottom.

If you already have a pair of white/beige curtain panels, buy another curtain panel (or similar fabric) in a bold color or in black. Cut out the middle section of your original curtains horizontally and add a horizontal stripe of your bold color. Reattach the bottom section of your original curtains w/hems and you have a custom look!

Tall, drapes like these ones below cannot be customized as no ready made drape comes to that lenght, but I think they are beautifull so they are worth paying to custom make them.

I hope that you will find inspiration from these photos and in case you undertake any drape customizing project I would love to hear how your drapes turned out.

Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend.


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