My Covid-19 Escape

Since the beginning of last year I have been trapped in my home! No travels, no family and friends gatherings, no dining outs…. NOTHING!!! And this has been very, vey hard on my mental and overall wellbeing, but I am sure that this is what everyone in the world is going through these days.

It is unfortunate, but that’s life and we must go on, stay safe and healthy until we all get vaccinated. My vaccine appointment is approaching and I can’t wait to get that long awaited shot. And then, I would consider myself free. Free for get togethers, free to travel and overseas vacations and free to do everything I want.

But until then, I will be in here, in my sanctuary! At my veranda and backyard, a sanctuary that me and my husband created last year during the lockdown.

It has been a lot of sweat, errors and learning, and hard work to get the results we aspired but considering the circumstances, we slowly got there!

Despite the hard work redoing the veranda and establishing the garden, I have loved this whole process! This has helped me stay safe and healthy and yielded with a great result.

Everything has been DIY ed here as, due to the lockdown restrictions, we could not get professional help or materials that we needed or wanted. Some purchases were made online such as the deck composite tiles at Lowe’s and Canvas outdoor sofa at Canadian Tire. The outdoor rug and the string lights were purchased at Costco during our grocery shopping and sofa pillows were DIY-ed.

So this has been my escape during the lockdown, and further to this day. And I am loving every minute spent here! It has helped my wellbeing, and doing the backyard and garden chores gives me hope for the better days on the horizon.

What was your lockdown project? I would love to hear your story!

Thank you for reading, and stay healthy and safe!



4 thoughts on “My Covid-19 Escape

    1. Viska, I miss you too so much, and very often think about you and our happy time spent together. Stay safe and happy until we meet again!

  1. Oh my goodness!! I’m so proud of you!! This is a fabulous escape place. I know it’s been a rough year but thankfully you’ve created a wonderful sanctuary to make you a happy girl.

    1. Thank you so much Jamala! I enjoyed the whole process of creating this space as it gave me a sense of hope.This place is helping me cope with all the struggles that this rough year has brought upon us. Stay healthy and safe! Hugs!

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