Magnolia Leaf Arrangement For My Fall Mantel Decor


I find magnolia leaves breathtaking. They are shiny green on one side, and velvety, cinnamon brown on the reverse. Even the fallen and dried ones have that distinct rich shine and beautiful, beautiful fall colors.

I do not have such a tree in my front or back yard, but luckily there is one in my neighbor’s front yard , so I can enjoy this beautiful tree all year around, and even sometimes pick up its fallen leaves for my floral arrangement.

We have experienced quite a stormy whether during past week, so as a result my front yard was full of fallen magnolia leaves. This made me very happy as I was planning to change my mantel decor to welcome the fall, and magnolia leaves were a perfect fit for fall decor.

Few days ago I bought two metal decoration balls, and after collecting all the fallen magnolia leaves in my front yard I started thinking on how I could arrange these leaves into these balls.

I started by making the bundles of five to six leaves each, starting with brown/yellow leaves and finishing with one green on top. After bundling them up I tied them together with elastic band and started arranging the bundles into the ball.

At this point I decided to use the wire as I figured that elastic is not working anymore. I started wiring on bundles of leaves at the top of the ball, and continued all the way down. I tied them tight and kept them as close as possible, so I could create a full look.

After achieving the desired look I placed the arrangement into a white bowl to create the stability, and showcased it on the mantel.

I have replaced the mirror used for my summer mantel decor with the wall art purchased few years back at Bombay & Co. After moving to our new place, this framed art (stored in my closet for months) was patiently waiting to get hanged and displayed in a decent place, so I am glad that now these pieces of art got the focal point.6

The colors in the hand painted glass complement the magnolia leaf arrangement, and the white surround within the frame complements the white fireplace trim, so there is a right balance and nice transition from dark to bright colors. The candle holder in gold goes nicely with the touches of gold in the glass painting. Touches of gold in home decor accessories have been quite trendy in 2013; “ hence, some touch of gold in my mantel decor”.


I think that my fall mantel looks pretty and elegant. What do you think? I would love to hear from you about how you have incorporated magnolia leaves into your home decor.

Thank you for reading.
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19 thoughts on “Magnolia Leaf Arrangement For My Fall Mantel Decor

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by my blog, and liking my post. I have also checked your blog and I like it a lot, so I have already bookmarked it to read more.

  1. Both arrangements look perfect. I love magnolias, but don’t have any in my yard or a neighbors! 😉 Beautiful display on the hearth, too. I loved visiting Victoria, B.C., too!
    I’ll look for your posts..found you on Marty’s party!

    1. Thank you Helen for checking my entry at Marty’s, and for stopping by my blog to comment. Victoria BC is charming and hope you will visit again.

  2. Wow, those came out so nice! I never thought of using those orbs for something like this. Love the magnolia leaves- lucky you getting to find them on the ground! I obsessed one year about getting a wreath made of magnolia leaves but I guess I was a bit late in looking so I had to give up. You did a wonderful job on the arrangements- very nicely designed!

    1. Thank you Liz for stopping by my blog and for the compliment. Sorry to hear that you couldn’t get the desired wreath that year; now Pottery Barn sells them online and they are pretty cool.

  3. Very pretty, I love magnolia’s. Thank you for sharing at Fluster’s Creative Muster. Now that you found our party I hope that you’ll continue to join us every Tuesday evening.

  4. This is so elegant! I love Magnolias, but they do not grow here. The leaves are gorgeous and I love what you created! Thanks so much for sharing them with SYC.

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