Renovation of Our Old House

After immigrating to Canada our goal, among so many other goals, was to own a home. It was not a very simple goal to accomplish though. Immediately after settling my husband and I worked odd jobs which did not pay much, but this did not discourage us from the desire to own a home.

During our first year in Canada we managed to build a good credit and save some money for a down payment so our mortgage application was approved easily. However, considering the low paid jobs at that time we could only purchase a small starter home so we were lucky to find a small, ranch-style home in a good location. The house was old and small, but it was well maintained and had a huge immaculate yard with two willow trees that gave the backyard a peaceful look.

Because of our job opportunities we had to move to another places so we lived in this house for only 14 months. Since then the house has been a rental, and this May 2013 it reached its 15th year of rental anniversary. Lately, we decided to go back to live in this house but ,after the last visit with the renters, we realized that in order to live there we needed to undertake major renovation.

The day the renters vacated the house we started with the “demolition”, and this is how the living room looked at about 12.00 am on 1 May 2013.

We removed the part of the wall that divided the kitchen and the living room. This was a MUST because we love open spaces, and moreover this will create an illusion of a larger space, something that everybody strives for.

In order to have a direct access to the backyard from the kitchen, we are replacing the kitchen window with a french door, so beside the practicality this alteration will bring more light to the space. Natural light is also another MUST to the space I occupy, as I may be described as a person who can function at its best in a space that boasts tons of natural light.

Even at this rough stage I am loving how it turned out. The space instantly feels larger and brighter.

We are also replacing everything in the bathroom, so this is the last shot from the old bathroom and every item in this picture is now in the landfill including the drywall throughout, as well as the flooring. The bathroom walls are being redone using a moisture resistant boards and we are doing new plumbing too.

The tub is being replaced with a walk in shower and we have chosen the slate tiles for the shower surround and the bathroom floor.

In order to have an unified flooring surface throughout the house we are putting new flooring on top of the exiting one, and also the baseboards will be replaced with 6” wide ones.

Everything is selected and delivered, and awaiting the implementation.

Since this renovation is taking place in another city we took a trip and stayed almost a week in a hotel so we could oversee the beginning of the project and select and bye the needed material. However, we had to return back to Vancouver so I am now just praying that everything will turn out as I have envisioned and planned.

Even though renovations and remodeling can be quite stressful, for me such undertakings have always represented fun and joy, so I am quite exited about this project too. I will, therefore, share with you this fun and excitement by keeping you updated on how this project is coming along, and I hope you will enjoy it too.

I am sure that you would like to see those “before” and “after” pictures which will be coming soon, so visit my blog to check those out.

Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “Renovation of Our Old House

  1. HI Besa. I see you have much to do in your old house but I believe that you guys will enjoy it very much when it’s all finished. Thank you for sharing your journey

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