Anna & Elsa – Frozen Birthday Theme

My super cute niece Hana turned five yesterday and since she adores Anna and Elsa from Frozen, her mother and I wanted to make her a surprise by decorating Hana’s 5th birthday event with a lot of her favourite colour PINK and beloved Anna and Elsa dolls. As a result we ended up with aContinue reading “Anna & Elsa – Frozen Birthday Theme”

Valentine Decoration – Puffy Hearts

With the Valentine’s day around the corner some of you perhaps have started thinking of how to get your house into Valentine’s Day spirit, and spread some love around on that day for all your lovelies living in there. No store bought decorations/gifts for that day can show love and care more than those madeContinue reading “Valentine Decoration – Puffy Hearts”

DIY Mantel Decoration for the Holidays

DIY Dekorime te kaminit per festat e fundvitit Have you started with your holiday decor yet? I bet, most of you did not even start thinking about decorating and let alone start decorating. I know, it is perhaps too early and its either you do not have time or have no idea where to start;Continue reading “DIY Mantel Decoration for the Holidays”

Holiday Wreath Collection by BESA GM

Kolekcioni i Kurorave Festive nga BESA GM BESA GM Interiors has just launched the Holiday Decor Collection 2015 consisting of a quality line of natural artisanal wreaths and garlands all handmade out of fresh evergreens. Every decor piece is elegantly decorated and uniquely designed by Besa. BESA GM Interiors ka bere lansimin e kolekcionit teContinue reading “Holiday Wreath Collection by BESA GM”

Spooky and Elegant Halloween Decor

Dekor elegant dhe jo shume frikesues per Halloween I have never decorated for Halloween nor did I attend or host a Halloween party, until this year. I dislike scary stuff and some Halloween decorations just give me the creeps, so this was the reason that I never thought of decorating for halloween. Asnjehere me pareContinue reading “Spooky and Elegant Halloween Decor”

Outdoor Holiday Decoration

This year my holiday decor is minimalistic. I was focusing more on other things that were requiring my attention at this time, and I completely neglected the holiday decor. Despite being busy with other things, luckily I managed to do some DIY-ing and put a few things together for my outdoor holiday decor. I startedContinue reading “Outdoor Holiday Decoration”

Easy Spring & Easter Tablescape

These last few days spring was in the air, and today we officially marked the start of the loveliest season of the year. I love spring, and all the pretty colors that it brings along. Beside pretty colors, it brings joy, warmth, and most importantly restores my mood. Being in a good mood, and toContinue reading “Easy Spring & Easter Tablescape”