Custom Tufted Bench


Benches of all sizes, forms and designs are quite handy where ever we place or use them. They can be placed in entryways to provide seating when wearing or taking off the shoes; in the bedrooms at the end of the bed; in living rooms to provide extra seating; in dinning rooms instead of individual seating etc.

They come in variety of sizes, materials and designs, but sometimes it is hard to find that “perfect one” that would suit your taste and fulfils your criteria of functionality and design.

For months I was looking to find that “perfect bench” to place at the end of the bed in our guest room. Searching for the bench in local stores turned futile, so the only option left for me was to make one from scratch, and …..(drums please) this beauty was born:
I was inspired by a photo found on Pinterest and then I started researching on how I could make this bench “happen”.

First I visited the local craftsmen to see which iron profiles they cary that would fit my design. Once I found the desired shape and size of the iron profile I draw the sketch with the exact measurements and gave a detailed oral explanation to the craftsman about how the finished project should look.

After the iron base was completed I purchased a piece of plywood cut to the upper size of the bench, 10 cm thick foam, batting, and I already had the fabric which was a gift from my sister, and headed to an upholsterer. Within few hours later I ended up with a very attractive and unique bench which is being used as a prototype for all of those who want to have one made.
Now these benches are being made by special orders by contacting us through our e mail address at

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Kolltuk ne Forme Banke
Uleset ne forme bankash te te gjitha madhesive e dizajneve jane shume te pershtatshme per perdorim. Ato mund t’i vendosim ne hyrje te shtepise apo baneses per perdorim gjate mbathjes dhe zbathjes; ne dhoma te fjetjes tek fundi i shtratit; ne dhomat e dites per te shtuar vende te uljes; ne trapezari ne vend te karikave individuale etj.

Ato mund te ken forma, dizajne dhe materiale te ndryshme, por nganjihere eshte veshtire t’a gjesh ate banken “perfekte” qe i pershtatet shijes tende dhe qe i permbush kriteret e funkcionalitetit dhe dizajnit te deshiruar.

Me muaj isha duke kerkuar nje banke te tille “perfekte” qe ta vendosi tek shtrati ne dhome te mysafirve, Kerkimet per kete banke neper shitoret ne qytet nuk treguan rezultat, andaje e vetmja zgjidhje ishte qe t’a krijoja nje vet dhe……(daullet ju lutem du du duum) …….kjo bukuroshe u lind.
U ispirova me nje foto te gjetur ne Pinterest dhe pastaj fillova kerkimet se si ta krijoi banken time “perfekte”.

Fillimisht vizitova zejtaret qe punojne me profile hekuri per te pare se cili profil i pershtatej dizajnit tim dhe pasi e gjeta profilin e duhur e vizatova modelin si dhe madhesit. Gjithashtu, i spjegova hollesisht zejtarit si do te duhej te realizohej projekti dhe si do te dukej i perfunduar.

Pasi baza nga metali u perfundua, e bleva nje cope materiali nga druri te madhesise se duhur, shpuzen e trashesise 10 cm, material lio per shtroje siper shpuzes, ndersa materialin per fytyren e bankes veqme e kisha, dhe me te gjitha keto u drejtova tek mjeshtri i kolltuqeve. Disa ore pas, une perfundova me kete banke shume atraktive dhe unike.

Tani keto banka punohen me porosi dhe poqese ju duket atraktive dhe deshironi ta keni nje te tille na shkruani ne qe ta beni porosine tuaj.

Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe,



Facelift Of An Old Space Using Dark Colours

In cases when you are not in a position (financially or for any other reason ) to undertake any renovation of a dated space in your home, than giving a fresh coat of paint always is a good idea.

Sometimes, only a coat of paint paired with some stylish details may transform the most dated space into a chic and current place you will love and enjoy.

The evidence of what I just said above is this kitchen project which I completed last year, and which I just didn’t have time to share it so far.

The kitchen is part of an old apartment building in the central part of the city where my Studio space is located. The white kitchen cabinets and the dining set are about 30 years old and were in constant use as part of the daily life of a family of four, with a lot of guests frequenting daily. The cabinets and the dinning set were left in their original state and we only did some editing by removing some parts of furniture and accessories and painted the walls and windows.

Although the kitchen is functional as it is, of course now it is not being used for cooking meals. What is cooked in this kitchen though, are interesting and creative ideas for every project that is lined up for action. This space has become a great place to start the work with a cup of coffee, for meetings to schedule the daily or weekly activities, and for small breaks during the work.

The main feature which made a lot of difference in this space is the dark paint we used on the walls. I wasn’t afraid of using dark paint in this space as it is filled with LIGHT and the white cabinets reflect the light making it bounce on the walls and giving the space a light filled feeling.

Light and lighting is a very important aspect to consider when using dark colours in a space.

When using dark colours the main thing to consider is that dark colours absorb the light, whereas the white reflects the light. Therefore, it is important to BALANCE the dark colours with the white ones, so in this case the white kitchen cabinets, the bench and the rug are doing just that in this rather dark coloured kitchen.

Pops of living coral colour cushions on the dark vintage chairs add the needed contrast as well as a sparkle to this space.

When working with dark colours in an interior another thing to consider is the CONTRAST that can be infused with different finishes, textures, accessories with interesting forms, as well as with pops of colour. White zebra vases placed in a faux marble tray with a gold finish edge, some faux and real apples, as well as the pops of colour using greenery and decorative pillows are used as the contrast in this makeover.

By using contrasting items in a dark coloured space you make the light bounce throughout the space and accentuating the decorative objects used in the space.

This was a super non costly makeover but with a great impact to this space. The only items purchased for this makeover were the roller shades and the paint, which I helped to be apply on to the walls.

So, it is time to reveal how this space looked BEFORE:

And the happily AFTER:

Are you intimidated to use the dark colours in your living space? I bet you are and once I was too; but understanding the lighting, balance and contract that you need to consider when using dark colours, you will gain the needed confidence to apply that dark colour on to your walls.

If still not sure how to achieve the balance and contrast when using dark colours, we are more than delighted to help. Contact us through our website, social media FB fun page BESA GM Interiors, Instagram @besagm and e mail and we will be glad to help you with your next project through consultation or other services as needed.

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Boho Chic Picnic

It seems that this year we are going to have an extended summer. With temperatures hitting as high as 30 centigrade almost every day, it would not be a bad idea to plan a picnic. Who doesn’t love kicking back to eat delicious food in the sunshine with good company?

This is what we did on several occasions last year together with my mom, sister and my nephew. Since we really enjoy picnicking, I’d like to contribute some tips and tricks to help you host a perfect picnic .

You can have a picnic pretty much anywhere, but your choice of setting is one of the most important considerations when planning your picnic.

Do you want to hike to a picturesque spot, connecting with nature ? If so, get your walking boots on and pack light, taking only the essentials in a rucksack; food, drink and a blanket to sit on!

Do you want to dine in a place with wooden picnic benches to avoid sitting on the ground? If so, you can take more with you as, most probably, there’ll be parking close by.

As far as location is concerned, you could even have a picnic in your own garden or backyard if you don’t have much time to spare. Prepare your picnic as you would if you were visiting a park! This is what we did in one of the occasions. We picnicked in one of the corners of my backyard, and we had so much fun!

Comfort is key
A picnic is the ultimate chill out so it’s important that comfort is one of your main considerations.
A picnic isn’t a picnic without a blanket, and it is advisable if it is waterproof. You can buy a cheap shower curtain at a dollar store and place it underneath the blanket to instantly waterproof it. Scatter the blanket with cushions from your sofa for an instant boho chic vibe.

For our picnic I used my oversized decorative sofa cushions and instead of a blanket I used my patio carpet which is for an outdoor use. The use of these cushions gave this picnic that boho chic vibe.

Food, Glorious Food
Food is a must for every picnic, so bring cold dishes that do not require reheating, sweets and do not forget fruits.

No picnic is complete without drinks. Opt for refreshing homemade drinks like lemonade or nonalcoholic cocktails containing mint and other refreshing herbs.

To enhance the enjoyment of your picnic experience, you may want to do a bit of styling of the picnic venue.

Inject lots of color into your picnic with plenty of hot pink, navy and other colors of your choice.

Keep the bugs away with giant citronella candles and set out your summer snacks on mix and match china plates.

Fill a vase with your favourite flowers and serve up a batch of your favourite drink in a cool carafe. Put a string of solar lights, just in case you will stay longer until it gets dark.

The fall is already here and there are only e few warm, sunny days left to enjoy this year; so, grab your picnic basket, a blanket, pack up your favourite snacks and fruit, some decorative accessories, find a nice, shady spot for your picnic and enjoy it. It is so much fun, as these photos can tell!

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Simple and Easy Holiday Decor Idea


For all of those out there who lead busy lives, and have no time to do a lot of Holiday decorating I am sharing with you some photos of my Holiday decor which took me no time to put together, and it still looks so festive and happy.

The key in achieving an instant festive Holiday look is incorporating fresh greenery, such as fresh wreaths and garlands, in your decor. The beautiful look and fresh aroma of the evergreen branches of a wreath or garland instantly bring the Holiday spirit alive and adds a sophisticated look to your decor.
To achieve this look, above the fireplace I hung one of the wreaths that I DIY-ed over the weekend, while on the mantel I simply arranged some fresh cut branches of a bush from mu garden. In between the branches I added a few candles of different heights using mix and match candleholders.
For a dramatic look, I placed the bench in front of the fireplace and on top of the bench I placed nicely wrapped gifts and some ornaments. Behind the bench I placed glass vases filled with fresh cut pine branches, a spot lamp.
And this was all I did, and I think that it still looks nice and festive. Moreover, I am happy that it took me no time to put this look together, and even happier that when Holidays are over I will take everything away in few minutes.
Are you a fan of fresh greenery for the Holiday decor?

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Dekorim festiv i interierit – Shpejte dhe lehte

Per te gjithe ata te cilet e jetojne nje jete me perplot angazhime dhe nuk ju ngele kohe te meren me dekorimin e interierit te tyre per festat e fundvitit, si dhe me te gjithe tjeret gjithandej, po i ndaj me juve disa nga fotot e dekorit tim festiv i cili nuk me mori shume kohe per te dekoruar, e qe megjithate duket festiv dhe hareshem.

Qelesi i arrijtjes se pamjes festive ne menyre instante eshte poqese ne dekorin festiv i inkorporojme kurorat dhe gjerdanet e fresketa festive. Pamja e tyre e bukur si dhe aroma e tyre kendshme ne menyre instante e sjellin ate spiritin festiv ne shtepite tona si dhe i jap pamje te sofistikuar dekorit t’uaj.

Per te arijtur nje pamje te tille, siper kaminit vendosa nje nder kurorat e fresketa te punuara gjat weekendit, ndersa ne mantelin e kaminit vendosa dege pishash te fresketa nga kopshti im, dhe ne mes te tyre vendosa disa qirinje ne lartesi te ndryshme.

Per nje pamje dramatike, perpara kaminit vendosa ulesen ne form banke dhe siper saje vendosa dhuratat si dhe disa rnamente. Prapa bankes vendosa dia vazo qelqi te mbushura me dege te fesketa pishe sidhe nje llamp spot.

Dhe kjo ishte e tera, dhe mendoj se me kaq pake gjera dekorative prapseprap u periftua ne pamje festive e cila po duket shume bukur. Mbi te gjitha, jame e gezuar qe per te arrijtur kete pamje shpenzova shume pake kohe, e me e rendisishmja eshte qe pas perfundimit te ketyre festave do te jet shume lehte qe te hiqen te gjitha shume shpejte dhe lehte.

A jeni adhurues i dekorimeve te fresketa per festat e fundvitit?

Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe!


Custom Dinning Table Set


This post is all about a Dining Table Set which was custom made for the dinning spot in this Living Room.

Since the dining area in this small living room is right opposite from the sofa, it kind of makes this dining table set as a focal point of the room. Having in mind this I had to pay an extra attention in terms of choosing the design of the chairs, the dining table as well as the colour of the table and chairs.

The client wanted a chic, full size dinning table and chairs but at the same time she wanted that the set is not bulky and does not take a lot of living space.

To achieve this I suggested that we go with the bench seating at one side and three small backless chairs for the other side. When not in use the bench and all the chairs fits nicely and tightly under the table creating the feel of spaciousness in the dinning spot.

As I mentioned the dinning spot is kind of a focal point in this living room so I had to come up with a unique design of a dining table; hence, i designed this very funky dinning room table which at one side has a shelving unit instead of legs, while on the other side a set of curved legs add interest and a bit of glam to the whole dinning set.
The table color is dark grey while the bench and the chairs are light grey, upholstered in linen fabric and decorated with thumbtacks.
The dining spot turned quite elegant; it adds interest to the room and, most importantly, it does not feel bulky and does not take a lot of space.
If you need help creating a functional, welcoming home filled with warmth and elegance please do not hesitate to ask for my design/decor services by e mailing at No matter how small the homeowners’ budget is I will help create beautiful living spaces for less.

We offer in person and online services. Check the Service icon at Home page of this blog.

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Besa GM

Eye Candy – 10 Beautiful Entryways


I have a small problem which of course could be easily fixed, but I need to come up with an idea. My current home lacks a formal entryway, and a proper place where we or our guests can hang their coats. Our entryway (which is also our living room) seriously needs a little help so next time our guest come over, I do not have to grab their coats before they inevitably ask, “ umm…where do you want me to put my coat” which would translate to, “ You should fix your coat rack problem! Will you please?”.

On the other hand the entryway sets the tone for visitors and is the first and last spot you’ll see as you come and go. Therefore, having a nice and functional entryway is kind of “a must have” for every home.

In search for entryway ideas I hit the Pinterest, and I was lost there. There were hundreds of beautiful entryway pictures that I started pinning furiously, reminding myself few minutes later that I am pinning something that is not applicable to my entryway situation.

In any case I continued pining for the sake of “feeling nice” seeing all these beautiful design choices and ideas.

I hope that you will enjoy viewing these eye candy entryway photos, as much as I enjoyed collecting and commenting on them.

Bright and simple entryway with a beautiful rustic wooden repurposed console table, which fills the space with character . Oversized repurposed glass “vases” and branches make the entryway feel airy spacious, and natural.

Beautiful mix of colors give this entryway such a welcoming and cheery feel.

Dress to impress- is what this entryway suggest. Beautiful white washed console table is all dressed up with turquoise lamps and silver accents. Oversized hand wood carved mirror adds character and the orange roses enhance the glamourous look.
Informal and very inviting entryway featuring an oversized round mirror and a simple console table made from recycled material.
I call this Tuxedo entryway. Elegant, white and black striped, lampshades, black console table and gold accents are intended to infuse the formality into this entryway; however, the modern white transparent based bench as well as the fake animal skin carpet makes this entryway feel fun, cheery and inviting.


I love how this bare wall in this entryway was turned into a beautiful gallery wall. A simple black shelf was used as a nice display and several drawers below provide for plenty of storage. Natural color palette makes this entryway feel cozy, homy and welcoming.
Another simple, yet very homy entryway. A board with hooks serves as a dual purpose: place to hang coats and other stuff, as well as a wall art display. The black bench grounds the space, and it is being used as a shelf and as a place to sit when putting on or taking of boots or shoes.

Very elegant entryway suitable for a small space. Transparent legs of the console table makes the space feel more spacious. Nickel lamps add such a sophisticated and polished look. I love the color palette; very balanced and yet colorful.
The repurposed farm table as well as the oversized jar have added a tons of character to this rather very polished entryway. The contrast of the polished, and the repurposed materials has added an inviting and welcoming feel. Everything has been so perfectly choreographed together so every item in this entryway feels like e piece of art. I love it.

Hope that you enjoyed the photos and I wish some of them have inspired you also.

Thank you for stoping by, and have a great week.


A Banquette – Great Solution for Small Spaces

Decorpad banquette via

The affordability of living large has decreased lately, and the downside of the economy is forcing people to opt for smaller, more affordable, living spaces. Small living space, translates to “small kitchen and dining area”, so everyone living in such a space wants to utilize every inch; hence, the banquettes come as a solution.

Comfortable, high-back upholstered benches, or as the French call them banquettes, are also an alternative to traditional dining-room seating. They’re are a great way to make the most of tight dining spaces, as they don’t take up much space, and the storage can be incorporated in the design.
When you sit at a table with chairs, you need to be able to push your chair back almost a meter to feel comfortable. Not so with the fixed seat of a banquette, which makes it a good solution for small, empty kitchen corners.
Considering these advantages of the banquettes, these days a lot of home owners are considering this type of seating for their dining areas, so banquettes are experiencing a little revival. The pintrest and decor magazines are full of banquette design ideas, which are quite appealing, and some are pretty simple to make as a DIY project.

I have selected a few banquettes which I found adorable and which I would definitely consider for my home if I had a space that I could fit a banquette. My kitchen/dining area is small and very oddly shaped, so unfortunately I cannot fit any type of banquette in it.

For those of you who are tight in kitchen space or simply like banquettes, here are some different shaped banquettes which you may consider for your home:

pic 1 via
This is a straight banquette along the window which provides a plenty of seating for casual as well as formal dining.
banq 3 via
Beautiful corner banquette which adds architectural design to the space and has an unique crisp modern feel. Great space use of this rather oddly shaped corner.
banq 4 via
Small bay window space is greately utilized by this small banquette which has added a distinguished, modern look to this rather small kitchen. Another example how banquettes are great solution for small spaces.
banq 5 via
A simple corner banquete paired with these two Xavier Pauchard Tolix chairs, in this light filled kitchen corner, feels so relaxing.
banquette 6 via
In this very tight kitchen space the banquette, supplemented with these two chairs, provides penty of seating for eating, dining and lounging.
ban 9 via
ban 10 via
banq 7

This of the kitchen dining area is furnished with this glamourous banquette, and a table made by reclaimed wood top and iron base. Plenty of seating and unique glamourous look.

Hope that you will find these designs inspirational. For me each one is an eye candy, and I enjoyed collecting them for this post.

For more inspiration on this topic check my Pintrest BESA GM Banquette board.

Thank you for reading.


Spring Flowering Bulbs

photo 11

Even though it has been more than a month from the official start of spring we did not get to experience the true spring weather during this period.

I even made a cake to welcome this spring and prayed loudly for some more sun. Well, such efforts seems to have paid off as we finally are getting some truly spring weather here at the west coast. I am now enjoying my walk and strolls in beautiful Stanley Park, Vancouver BC. The other day I took my camera along and took these pretty colorful photos which I wanted to share with you.

Stanley Park Rose Garden, Vancouver BC

Stanley Park Rose Garden, Vancouver BC

photo 16
Beside sharing these photos I will also share the story about how, lured by the beautiful scenery, that day I lost my jacket, wallet with my ID’s, credit cards and KEYS.

It was quite warm that day, so while taking photos I took off my jacket (with a wallet and keys in it), and left it on a nearby park bench. Such a careless act, you might say, and I agree.

I was carried away by the beautiful scenery so while taking pictures I realized that I ended up being quite far away from the bench where my jacked was. When I returned the jacked was not there. I panicked. The first thing that struck my mind was that the jacket was stolen, so I needed immediately to start canceling my credit cards and find a locksmith to open my condo door. But, before starting doing all that I started running back and forth the park lanes (all in panic) hoping that I will see someone holding my jacket and asking me “are you looking for this?”.

photo 15

Stanley Park Rose Garden, Vancouver BC

Stanley Park Rose Garden, Vancouver BC

Well, that did not happen because the whole thing would sound too good to be true. Instead, I found myself sitting hopeless on a park bench having no idea on what to do next. At this point at time there was a gentleman passing by the bench I was sitting on and, even though I did not expect any positive answer, I asked him whether he saw anybody taking a white jacked from this bench? To my surprise he answered that he saw the garbage guy taking a jacket. Bingo. I knew at least what to look for before starting canceling my credit cards.

I went to the nearby offices of the Stanley Park Service Yard and I was lucky to run into the park supervisor named Guy who immediately made a phone call to find out the phone number of the person who was collecting the garbage that day. In the mean time he got into the car and together we drove along the garbage collection route hoping to find the garbage truck and the garbage guy who took my jacket. Luckily, before nearing the finish of the garbage route we saw the garbage truck. The driver had already received the call that we were on our way to pick up the jacket. I took the jacket, and the valet and keys were in the pocket.
photo 1o

photo 2
I could not thank enough the Park Supervisor for his tremendous efforts for helping me find my wallet and keys. What happened that day will always remind me that there are some extraordinary people out there that will go above and beyond to help others, and you just have to be lucky to run into them. I was indeed lucky that day, but I also learned that regardless of my love for spring and flowers I should not be carried away by beautiful sceneries and should be more accountable for my belongings.

photo 3

photo 6

photo 8

photo 12

photo 14

Hope that you will enjoy all these beautiful colors and perfectly manicured lawns in the Rose Garden, Stanley Park.

Happy weekend. Sit back relax and enjoy.

Stanley Park Pavilion, Vancouver’s preeminent banqueting venue.

Stanley Park Pavilion, Vancouver’s preeminent banqueting venue.


Thank you for reading.
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