Teenage Girl Bedroom Design

I am so happy and exited that my niece’s bedroom project is finally finished. This was an easy and fun design project to work on, since the major work was done by the painter who did the horizontal stripes on a very rough surfaced wall.
Simultaneously, while the painting was under its way I worked on redesigning some of the items which were used in the decor of the room such us the clock, the drapes and the shelf above the bed.

Since it was decided not to replace the bed and the wardrobe, I had to work around these items and get the best use of the room and, as well to coordinate colours in the way that would fit my nieces taste. I wanted to go with a simple two colour palette and then she could add colour as her mood changes. I suggested that we go with a charcoal grey and pale grey stripes, so we did and the result was amazing.
To soften the grey wall stripes, I chose to go with white store bought panel curtains which were customized using a black and white patterned fabric added to the bottom of the panels.
For some trendy gold accent on the walls I bought a cheap wall clock which, with the power of DIY, turned into a very fun decorative item in the room. For a Kate Spade effect look I tied a thin gold ribon around the shade of this old IKEA lamp and now it looks so cool and stylish.
The back of the shelf above the bed was painted in vertical stripes with the same colours used on the walls, and it nicely complements the black and white checked wardrobe.
The new furniture in this bedroom makeover is the desk and the chair, and all other furniture, including the carpet was already there.
Although the colour scheme is monochromatic, the mood in the room can be changed by adding the splash of colour in the room decor, or just by changing the colours of the bedding.
All and all the room turned into a very chic spot where my niece will spend her time studying and of course some “texting” in between, and she is looooving it.
If your teen girl’s or boy’s room needs an update or makeover and you do not have time to deal with it, I am here to help with all your decorating needs. The design services are offered in person and online via Skype. So let me decorate your space; write an e mail at besagmblog@gmail.com and we will take it from there.

Thank you for reading and have a great day.



DIY Gold Wall Clock- How I Did It

I get many questions in relation to how I DIY-ed the gold oversized clock used as an accessory for my niece’s bedroom makeover project.

It was an easy DIY done supper fast and,since I found some pictures during the proccess, I am happy to share this project with all my readers.

I used a simple round clock diameter 60 cm, bought in a local supermarket. It was un ugly wall clock, but I already had a picture in my mind on how it will look after I put my hands on it.

Using a screwdriver I took it all apart for making it ready for spray painting.

I started by spray painting the clock frame .

Further, I replaced the clock face, that had roman numbers, with a stock paper spray painted in gold.

Instead of numbers I placed self adhesive black dots, which in fact are the floor protectors used for furniture legs.

Lastly I put back the clock arrows and screwed together other parts of the clock.

It was a super easy DIY project, but with a great impact in the whole design of the room.

Ore Muri – Si T’a Beni Vet

Si pergjigje e shume pyetjeve nga lexuesit lidhur me ate se si e bera oren e murit te perdorur si aksesor ne disajnin e dhomes per mbesen time, dhe pasi i gjeta disa foto nga ky proces, ndihem e gezuar qe me lexuesit e bllogut tim t’i ndaje detajet e ketije projekti.

Ishe nje projekt i lehte i stilit Beje Vet (BV).

E perdora nje ore muri me diameter 60 cm, te blere ne nje nga supermarketet lokale. Nje ore qe dukej mjaft joatraktive, por per te cilen une e kisha vizonin se si do te dukej pas intervenimit tim.

Me nje kaqavide e qmontova oren ne teresi per ta pergatitur per ngjyrosje.

Fillova me ngjyrosjen e pjeseve te jashtme te ores me spray ngjyre ari.

Fytyren e ores me numrat romak e zevendesova me nje cope letre hamer te ngjyrosur me spray ngjyre ari dhe ne vend te numrave vendosa rathe te zi gome, qe ne te vertete jane mbrojtes te dyshemes qe vendosen ne kembet e karrigave apo mobiljeve te ndryshme.

Se fundi i vendosa akrepat e ores dhe lidha me kaqavide pjeset tjera te ores, dhe kjo ishte e tera.

Ishte nje projekt shume i lehte i stilit BV dhe qe beri nje impakt te vecante ne dizajnin e dhomes.

Nese inspiroheni te beni dic te tille, deshiroi qe te me shkruani dhe te dergoni foto se si doli projekti juaj.

Ju faleminderit qe vizituat kete faqe!